Zombie House Game

I created this little zombie game using the ImpactJS HTML5 game engine. The game is still in a pretty rough state, and its been so long since I worked on it last, it’s going to take me a while just to try familiarize myself with my own code! When I was making the game, I practiced javascript everyday. After I got most of the game put together that slowed down and eventually stopped.

I’m not sure I’ll be going back into the Zombie House project, but Impact now has a 3D plugin available, called TwoPointFive. I think this is interesting since I’ve been playing a lot with the Oculus Rift. Maybe I’ll be getting back into ImpactJS, but with a new VR Browser project.. maybe something mobile specific hmmmm…

I took a video of myself playing the game. I reveal a few things like how to skip the first level, glitches, and additional weapons. The music is an old track I made with a friend that never got released anywhere, so I decided to use it in the video.

If I do end up going back into the Zombie House Game project, it will just be to put a few small finishing touches, rebuild the beginning of the level, and package it up for an open-source release. I think I should give the code away for anyone who is using Impact or just loves deconstructing 2D javascript games. Anyone out there who wants me to get started on that right away, just e-mail me!