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Locating prized web design in Orange County, specifically Fullerton, can be tough! The proficiency of the profession of web developers can make anyone confused, surmising one to doubt things such as, “Is this web design worth my hard-earned money?” or “Will I be getting the right amount of public recognition I need for my business through this correct web design by choosing this web developer?” “Is this the right choice?”

Again and again, I’ve heard the same obstacles from diverse businesses about their previous “web guy,” a.k.a. “the professional know-it-all” whom they’ve trusted. The frequent quandary being, “they took too long,” or the “communication was lacking and no thorough elaboration of what one needed for their own vision of their business’ website being followed”. Eventually, worst case scenario the mishap of just giving up and having to rehire another professional to finish and tidy the mess made is what usually develops. Oh great, now what do you do? Where did it go wrong and how do I find an absolute, skilled web designer from the start?

Everything happens from the decision of YOUR start! Why? Because it’s the crucial to choose the correct interface for your business website

So, whats the best way to find someone who is both: communicative and skilled in Orange County, Fullerton? The answer is: prior to signing a contract with the web designer, to arrange tête-à-tête between yourself and them. How one may ask? Perhaps through any communicative tool such as: Skype, Email (Snail-mail), or the old-fashioned phone call.

By atleast one or two meetings two wonderful things can happen and will happen. Firstly, you will be granted the opportunity to catch warning signs such as: poor communication between you and the hireling, prices gauging way too high for what’s offered, or last but not least, from the look-book of past web sites done for prior clients, hideous and ugly fonts/decoration for other sites.

On the bright side, this also situates an opportunity to apprehend any positive traits of a wonderful web designer! “Oh, look at that beautiful web site so clean, font is gorgeous, and the layout is a nice ease to the eyes!,” as well as perhaps an excellent delivery on time management on what needs to be done for a website- quick and beautiful.

See? Designing and developing a website for a business is a collaborative effort between both your successful business and the website designer, that can be either interlaced great from the start or poor from the kickoff.

Now, how do I find the right Web Designer? How does one go about doing so?

Sadly, the reality of discovering a decent or good Web design specialist is a little difficult. Between the thousands of gifted individuals out there, finding the single match is a bit like fishing in a lake. One puts out the old pole and waits, waits, and perhaps finally snag what they been searching for. So how does one go about picking a great candidate? Sometimes, it’s the great, small Entrepreneurs that are the gems in the big sea! Through reputation, online platforms such as: Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Google, Indeed, or by old fashioned referrals, that can be the best way to go.

But, thoroughly research and keep an eye out on those pesky little red flags such as communication or beautiful past website references, in order to choose the right one.

Want an Elegant and Amazing website? No problem! OC Design & Development is here to help

Priorities, references, and communication/skill is what we have to offer as one of the top Orange County, Fullerton web design and web site in town!

We are here to change the scene of website architecture in Orange County, we have compassion and understand: your frustration, your ambition, your needs and wants to making your website successful. Trust, Communication, and knowing our top priority is the customer, are what makes us amazing at our job and deliver on time!

“Need a website done in a certain amount of time with a team you can communicate with and change needs through constant exchange of ideas?

That’s us! Looking for a website that can deliver an immaculate, sparkling, layout for what you’re selling to potential clients? We understand. Understanding is our basis and through that understanding, we deliver our promises of: communication, utilizing stunning web design skill through the finished product, and having you as a priority as a client makes us number one.

References, References, References!

Our OC Web Design & Development company has been around for over 8 years working locally as great references to observe. We have spread out for over 4 years targeting nationally recognized brands in all types of industries that have given referrals, references, and those admirable Yelp reviews, those of which include:

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Weddings
  • Education
  • Attorney
  • Law & Government
  • Fitness
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate
  • Apps
  • Startups
  • CBD
  • Cannabis
  • Ecommerce Shops
  • Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bakery
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Interior Design


OC Web Design & Development offers skilled and reliable service for your small business website demands. Our team listens to your ideas and builds on them. Our very own owner, oversees design team works together with the marketing department to create modern, responsive websites with high conversion rates and great prices to negotiate!

How? By applying: SEO websites with excellent public views and marketing, with proper layout, sitemap, navigation, and top notch of easy-to-use content management systems such as the modern: wordpress and shopify. We proudly go by great prices at great quality. Quality is the theme we strive for, but happiness and pride of our stunning web designs from clients is always the objective. Their happiness is our happiness, essentially.

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Tell us about your website! The more details we know, the faster we can facilitate your needs. There is no form of media we can’t work with. Technology is our passion. We stay on top of what is the latest and greatest as well as best practices for your website. We only use tried and true methods for our clients.

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