TNKPHOTO.COM is now live!

TNK Photo is back for a revamp! I made the original website for this company when they first created the brand and now they’re back for a fresh, fast, and elegantly beautiful new look with better traffic and a booming business!

About TNK Photo

TNK Photo is an incredibly passionate team of wedding photographers founded by Elmer Escobar and located in Costa Mesa, California. The company hard-wires talent as well as creative photography skills in order to accomplish making your wedding day not only the most memorable, but with ease as well. How do I know this? Well, not only am I the web-designer of their new website, but I have shot for them as a photographer in the past. Feel free to check out the new site here:

TNKPHOTO.COM is now live!

A Few Issues..

Previously, TNK Photo’s website had been having a few problems. The main one being that their contact forms were no longer working. Having been a primary method of receiving new leads for the business, this became an unnecessary complication when it stopped working altogether. They found this out when one of their prospective clients called one afternoon mentioning the on-going dilemma when trying to reach out to the company with no receiving end. A major issue that had been under the radar for sometime.

Another major problem was the loading time. It took more than 20 seconds for the site to be fully loaded. When is the last time you waited more than 5 seconds for a website to load? In this technological, speedy era, most people would say “Heck, no!” and back out of the site.

TNKPHOTO.COM is now live!

This was a pickle! The analytics showed that traffic to their website was steady, but loading times and form errors were creating problems too big to ignore with their popular clientele. Their work in photography is too good for some to pass, however, anyone trying to reach the company through a contact form would essentially be lost. After filling out the form, everything appeared to be working from the customers point of view, so they never even realized that something was wrong, and probably felt like they were just being ignored.

Furthermore, there were also issues with the website structure and Search Engine Optimization. The website and the server it was hosted on was not being maintained on a regular basis, which leaves them open to hacker-bots. Luckily, they didn’t have any attacks before the new maintenance rebuild. It was time to build a new defense system and a reboot the design to a more modern style as well.


Primarily, before diving into a new design (which would take some time to prepare), the contact forms had to be fixed! I linked them up with a premium contact form service that would automatically keep their software safe and up-to-date, keeping things running smooth on the front-end. On the back-end I had to set them up with an SMTP mailer. This ensures that when someone fills out the contact form, an e-mail is sent out from a proper e-mail address and not “spoofed” by the web server.

They were shocked by how many leads came in the very next day. By the end of the week, they got more leads than they did in the past few months (via other sources). As more time moved forward, Elmer kept reaching out about how happy he is about the leads coming in through the website. However, he was equally upset about the leads he had lost. There’s no telling how much business got away from him over the previous months.


After working on the more impeding issues, the design was the main focal point. Beautify and capture the attention of viewers for better business sales. I tailored the design to meet the goals and needs of the companies’ elegant and unique nature as well as simplifying the interface.

Elmer, the CEO, beforehand came to me with an idea he had for his new design and was wondering if it could work. The idea was simple. What do I mean by simple? He was stating the desire of “simplicity and minimalism to project on his website.” Enough with complicated designs and complicated maintenance issues! He wanted to keep things classy and uncluttered. Together through a meeting, a solution was made for an unfussy, single page design. Everything on one page. Easy, Peasy. desktop design; above the fold desktop design; above the fold


The development of the website was started by the method of: transferring the existing website to the server where it acted as a final backup of the old site. Just in case of any issues, the old design was still hosted and fully accessible during the renovation.

Once the design was duplicated, I created another duplicate of the existing website to be used for the new development website. Step two, replace the theme with my starting template and implement the design we discussed. Once that is complete, I showed it to Elmer and he was ecstatic with the new design.

Lastly, before going live with the website I always run through a quality control process to test the website and accessibility on all devices/browsers/etc. to make sure it was going to be 100% smooth. I checked my ADA compliance criteria. This is so important people! Every website needs to be ADA compliant or your company could be subject to law suits! mobile design; above the fold mobile design; above the fold

Go Live!

Succeeding, I went live with the brand-spanking new website.

After going live, I needed to perform the final pagespeed optimizations. Oh how the last task was so close I could almost taste it. The only way to get the true speed of the website is to measure it on the domain name where it will live. I also do a final quality control check specifically for SEO and website structure. From here on out the website is backed up on a daily basis. I’m keeping a close eye on the server, making sure that everything is maintained properly.


In conclusion, a website can be connoted to the example of a living thing. You cannot just set it up and forget about it. It needs to be nurtured and managed in order to fully grow into a healthy, amazing thing!

A proper website will need to be maintained and updated on a regular basis. Do not wait for your contact forms to break or have serious issues to then decide to refresh a website altogether. Little managements and up-keeps throughout time can aid in prevention and ensure a smooth process overall.

For instance, if your website looks like the design is from the early 90’s, it is very easy to tell it needs to be updated and might have issues beyond just the surface needs. Bigger companies refresh their design about once a year. We are living in modern times, and modern adaptations and outlays are the main goals! Web browsers like Chrome and Safari are updated constantly to adapt the latest web technologies. Sometimes those changes can break your existing site. 

By having a real person (like myself) look after it regularly, you’re minimizing potential future head-aches. Do what you do best and focus on your business, let me deal with the head-aches of modern technology.

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