Film VR

If you’re looking for a few places to either watch and/or submit Virtual Reality Films or video clips, here are a few spots to check out:
1. VRideo
2. Milk VR
3. VR Films

This article from New Scientist is a good primer if you’re unfamiliar with where Film VR is today. It goes over the great benefits, as well as a few downsides, but many of those are just problems that need solutions.

I’ve been a few of the VRLA meetups so far and being in Los Angeles it didn’t surprise me to hear film talk going on, but the whole event seemed very film oriented. They usually hold it at a special effects warehouse with great movie credentials, and a few film-related talks. That’s not the only thing people were interested in but it seemed to be pretty high on the list, and I can totally see why.

It looks like VR took over at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival with many people lining up to see what the future of VR filmmaking could be like.

If you’re reading this asking yourself: How do you Make Films for Virtual Reality? Well Oculus has an answer for you. Part of the hype at Sundance comes from the announcement about the Oculus Story Studio, which was made while the sundance festival was going on. The studio is a an in-house team dedicated to VR filmmaking. They will be on the frontier of creating content as well as spreading awarenes, because VR for films is going to take a much longer time to become established than it will be for video games.